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COVID-19 Decontamination
Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional disinfection and hygiene cleaning are now essential for ensuring the safety of both the general public and staff across all sectors. Our comprehensive hygiene and COVID-19 cleaning services work to eliminate the presence of COVID-19 across any surface within a defined space, helping ensure the safety of commercial and public buildings, minimising lost working days, and reducing risk of illness.

Conducted by highly trained technicians and cleaners trained by the Navitas Academy in COVID-19 decontamination, Ingot’s COVID-19 hygiene cleaning services prove highly beneficial to potentially contaminated spaces, and fast-paced environments looking to meet changing, stringent regulations.

Ingot’s team of highly trained specialists are able to deliver a number of COVID-19 cleaning services to meet varying industry standards. From decontamination through the with the use of foggers, to chemical treatment of HVAC systems, our specialist approach to this integral branch of hygiene cleaning is designed to deliver the best possible results.

COVID 19 Disinfection Cleaning

The Gold Standard For
Disinfection Cleaning

Ingot Service’s fully trained disinfection cleaning experts are proud to offer a comprehensive range of hygiene cleaning services, including COVID-19 advice and decontamination to commercial clients across the UK. Using a number of proven sanitation methods, we work to ensure the optimum cleanliness of buildings and ventilation systems across all industries and sectors – keeping building users and staff as safe as possible, whilst meeting updated UK regulations.

COVID-19 Cleaning

Legislation and Requirements

Air hygiene standards have evolved significantly in recent years – with businesses and public spaces now required to adhere to both regulations outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1973, alongside those developed in sight of COVID-19.

The vast majority of non-domestic spaces in the UK, from hospitals to hotels, must actively adhere to stringent regulation surrounding air quality, ductwork cleanliness, and disinfection order to operate safely, and without legal consequence.

Ingot Services’ specialist COVID-19 cleaning services work to cover all current requirements surrounding cleanliness, hygiene, and decontamination. From regularly scheduled HVAC decontamination to one-off COVID-19 disinfection services, our offerings are built to satisfy all obligations. Professionally conducted  COVID-19 cleaning can bring a number of benefits to businesses, and building users, including;

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Ingot’s Gold Standard Service Process

Step 1


Our accredited technicians will complete a full survey of the area requiring decontamination, and create a dynamic operating procedure focused on ensuring the areas affected are treated in the safest manner possible.

Step 2


Guarded by high-quality PPE, Ingot’s decontamination cleaning team will decontaminate the surveyed areas using tools and chemicals designed specifically for the eradication of COVID-19, alongside 99.9% of known viruses and bacteria. All soft furnishings, walls, floors, ceilings, and appliances are treated, leaving the area virus-free. Following the completion of this process, PPE will be safely removed.

Step 3

Certification and Paperwork

In accordance with strict legal and insurance requirements, Ingot Services are proud to provide comprehensive documentation and certification to business and building owners upon the completion of any COVID-19 cleaning service.

Providing Specialist COVID-19 Decontamination Cleaning to

hospital duct disinfection company
Medical Facilities

Ingot Services are proud to offer comprehensive hygiene cleaning solutions, tailored to the precise requirements of medical facilities affected by COVID-19. Conducted by accredited professionals, our specialist cleaning services work to ensure all aspects of contaminated hospital spaces are properly cleaned and maintained in accordance with the Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations approved Code of Practice 1992 and the Health Technical Memorandum 03-01 (2007).

office decontamination cleaners

Highly suited to offices fitted with ventilation or ductwork systems, Ingot’s COVID-19 cleaning services are conducted in line with all recent regulations outlined by the Government, alongside specification CIBSE TM26 (where ventilation cleaning is required), helping ensure the creation of a safe, decontaminated environment to which building users may safely return.

Pharmaceuticals disinfection cleaning companies

Ingot’s highly trained hygiene technicians have extensive experience of cleaning hazardous materials found in pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratories. Conducted in line with all current regulation, our COVID-19 cleaning services work to manage and remove hazardous dust and particles using a variety of tailored methods, including general surface cleaning, fogging, and chemical HVAC decontamination.

The NHS Trust says

“as our hospital started gearing up for Covid-19 we had concerns about our ability to meet the demand for decontamination of rooms and areas that had been used to treat and assess potential Covid-19 patients. Ingot Services was engaged by our Estates team to assist with the decontamination and deep cleaning of these areas.

“Their work has been closely assessed by myself and my head of Infection Control. We have been hugely impressed with what we have seen. Their processes and procedures are well thought through and well delivered. Their commitment to provide the safest levels of protection for their staff and thorough decontamination and cleaning of the areas they attend to is very clear. They don’t cut corners. In fact, we have learned much from them, especially with their system of having a team supervisor, directing and recording on checklists what has been done as well directing and controlling each individual when removing PPE.”

Additional Commercial Cleaning Services

Ingot Services are proud to offer a wide range of commercial kitchen cleaning services, completed to the highest standard by expert technicians holding BESA, CHAS, and HVAC certifications.

Coronavirus Disinfection Cleaning FAQs

What is decontamination cleaning?

Decontamination cleaning is broadly defined as a series of cleaning processes by which infectious agents or dangerous contaminants are destroyed or removed in order to prevent the spread of infection. Particularly effective in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 within commercial spaces following contact with the virus, Ingot Services' decontamination cleaning service uses a tailored combination of cleaning and disinfection methods including surface wiping, deep cleaning, chemical fogging, and ventilation hygiene cleaning in order to help ensure the removal of COVID-19 traces.

What is is chemical fogging?

Chemical fogging is a highly effective method of decontamination cleaning, used where suitable throughout many COVID-19 cleaning services - particularly to disinfect larger rooms or spaces. Conducted by fully qualified specialists equipped with appropriate PPE, chemical fogging involves the airborne spread of various disinfectants throughout a room or space. Though this process is commonly used, Ingot Services are able to offer a number of decontamination alternatives for spaces in which fogging cannot be used.

How long does COVID cleaning take?

The amount of time taken to complete a COVID-19 decontamination clean is primarily dependent on the size and complexity of the space requiring cleaning. Whilst a smaller commercial space may take just a few hours to be entirely disinfected, a more complex, larger space may take a longer time. In addition to this, the extent of cleaning required must be taken into consideration. A clean involving fogging and surface cleansing may take a shorter amount of time than buildings requiring this and a ventilation system decontamination, for example.

Ingot services are proud to offer a free, no-obligation consultation service for those looking to establish a time and price estimate for their tailored COVID-19 cleaning service.

How much does COVID cleaning cost?

The cost of COVID-19 cleaning is highly dependent on a number of factors - primarily the size and scope of the space requiring decontamination (e.g. a small retail space vs an entire hospital ward), the cleaning methods involved, whether your cleaning service is offered on a contractual or one-off basis, and your selected provider. As COVID-19 cleaning requirements can vary so significantly, the vast majority of service providers will charge within a set price range according to individual circumstance.

Ingot services are proud to offer our clients a free, no-obligation consultation, during which we’ll evaluate your ductwork cleaning requirements, and establish a price, which can be later sent over email.

Is COVID cleaning necessary?

Effective COVID cleaning is essential to the continued operation of businesses and buildings across a number of sectors, particularly those previously exposed to COVID-19, or exposed to COVID-19 on a regular basis (e.g. hospitals and healthcare facilities).

Ingot's COVID-19 cleaning service is tailored to the individual circumstances of our clients, but commonly involves the wiping down and decontamination of all present surfaces, chemical fogging, and ventilation cleaning - eradicating all traces of the virus, and ensuring the creation of a safe environment for building users.

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