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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Ingot Services are proud to offer a wide range of specialist commercial kitchen cleaning services, conducted to a national standard by fully certified, highly experienced technicians.

Working to satisfy both cleaning standards and stringent hygiene regulations, our tailored commercial kitchen cleaning services help to ensure businesses and public buildings alike exceed environmental health, fire safety, and insurance requirements – whilst creating visibly spotless spaces.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Discover our wide range of commercial kitchen cleaning services, completed to the highest standard by expert technicians holding BESA, CHAS, and Vent Hygiene Elite Certifications (BESCA).

The Importance of

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Maintaining consistently high standards of cleanliness across all equipment and spaces has become increasingly essential to the continued success of commercial kitchens across the hospitality industry, with commercial hygiene laws and regulations – particularly TR-19 standards, the Food Safety Act 1990 and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – subject to regular enforcement.

All UK commercial kitchens – from those serving local cafes to Michelin Star restaurants – must actively adhere to stringent regulation surrounding both general cleanliness, and specific regiments in order to operate safely, and without legal consequence.

Ingot Services’ wide range of specialist cleaning services work to cover all commercial kitchen cleaning requirements. From biennial duct cleaning conducted to TR-19 standards, to regularly scheduled deep cleaning, our offerings are built to satisfy legal requirements and obligations. In addition to this, correctly implemented specialist cleaning can bring a number of benefits to commercial kitchens, including;

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Ingot's Gold Standard Service Process

Step 1


During a consultation call, our specialists will work to determine your exact requirements – for example, the size and positioning of ductwork requiring cleaning. We use this information to create a quote, which will be provided over the phone and sent via email following our conversation. In more unusual cases, we will provide a no-obligation site visit.

Step 2


Ingot Services aim to commence work within two weeks of receiving instruction. Often working outside of working hours, or at night to best suit client requirements, our team will tailor our services to your precise needs, conducting commercial deep cleaning to a national standard.

Step 3

Certification and Paperwork

As much of our work completed with the intent of ensuring buildings and businesses meet stringent health and safety, environmental health, hygiene, and fire safety regulations, Ingot Services include post-cleaning paperwork and certification in all service pricing, formatted to meet all insurance and regulatory requirements.

Businesses We Help

COVID 19 Disinfection Cleaning

Disinfection Cleaning

Ingot are proud to offer a range of highly adaptable COVID-19 decontamination and cleaning services, highly suited to a number of commercial and public operations, including medical facilities, office buildings, and pharmaceutical spaces. Completed by accredited decontamination technicians, this tailored service can include the chemical treatment of HVAC systems, fogging, surface wipe-downs, and more.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning FAQs

Why is commercial kitchen cleaning important?

Whether referring to extract cleaning, canopy cleaning, equipment cleaning, or deep cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning is not only ‘important’ but a legal requirement - meaning it must be undertaken on a suitable basis (typically according to usage) by all in operation. Besides staying in line with all legal obligations, regular cleaning conducted by professionals to industry standards typically offers commercial kitchens the following benefits;

- Improved safety levels for both staff and customers

- Reduced risk of closure, or prosecution

- Improved equipment performance and lifespan

- Reduced risk of contamination and infestation

- Minimised fire risk

- Insurance compliance

The maintenance of a safe environment is particularly important to spaces in which food is prepared on a regular basis. Should your kitchen require specialist cleaning, get in contact with Ingot Services’ expert team members today for a free consultation.

How often should a commercial kitchen be deep cleaned?

The frequency at which a commercial kitchen should be deep cleaned depends on a number of factors - primarily usage. Most legal requirements indicate that deep cleaning should be undertaken on a regularly scheduled basis - every 6 months for most commercial kitchens. However, many spaces undergoing heavy usage may require more frequent cleaning in order to stay in line with all health and safety requirements.

Ingot Services’ deep cleaning experts are pleased to offer a free, no-obligation consultation service, during which we are able to establish a deep cleaning frequency most suited to your kitchen’s condition and usage levels. In addition to this, Ingot offer a one-off deep cleaning service, particularly suited to kitchens reopening after a period of disuse, or subject to particularly heavy use for a shorter period of time.

What commercial kitchen cleaning services are there?

There are a wide number of specialist cleaning services available to commercial kitchens - with most being designed to fit their very particular needs. Ingot services are proud to offer a wide range of services, fully tailored to commercial catering requirements, including;

- Extract cleaning

- Canopy cleaning

- Duct cleaning

- Deep cleaning

- Oven cleaning

All of the above are conducted to relevant industry standards, including BESA’s TR-19, helping ensure commercial kitchens are complaint with the insurance conditions of most major providers and operating in line with all legal requirements.

Seeking any of the above services? Get in touch with our expert team members today for a free, no-obligation consultation, or to further discuss your requirements.

How much does commercial kitchen cleaning cost?

The cost of commercial kitchen cleaning is highly dependent on a number of factors, including the type of service required. With commercial kitchen cleaning generally used as an umbrella term covering a number of cleaning services, including (but not limited to) extract cleaning, ductwork cleaning, canopy cleaning, oven cleaning, and deep cleaning, cost can vary significantly. In addition to this, the size of the space or type of equipment requiring cleaning must be taken into account. Finally, price may vary according to your selected provider.

Ingot services are proud to offer our clients a free, no-obligation consultation, during which we’ll evaluate your cleaning requirements, and establish a price, which can be later sent over email.

What are TR-19 standards?

TR-19 currently stands as one of the most important industry standards for ventilation cleaning. Defined by BESA in 1988, TR-19 guidelines and regulations, particularly part 7, work to standardise the way in which duct and kitchen extract systems are cleaned.

Relevant to both cleaners, and building owners, TR-19 has become the standard to which the vast majority of insurers require work to be completed to. This makes selecting a fully qualified and competent cleaning contractor more important than ever business and building owners across a number of sectors.

Seeking a TR-19 qualified specialist cleaner? Ingot services are proud to offer commercial kitchen extract, duct, and fan cleaning services, conducted to TR-19 standards by Vent Hygiene Elite accredited technicians. Get in touch with our expert team members today to further discuss your requirements.

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