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High-Level Cleaning

High-level cleaning is an important – yet commonly overlooked cleaning process, relevant both internally and externally to a number of commercial and public buildings, including schools, leisure facilities, and warehouses. Though the higher levels and surfaces of these buildings are often thought of as ‘out of sight’ and ‘out of mind’, without maintenance, they are often subject to significant build-ups of dust and dirt, posing health threats to building users, and causing serious safety issues.

Ingot Service’s cost-effective high-level commercial cleaning services are performed by highly trained, MEWP qualified operatives, using specialised equipment such as scissor lifts and booms, allowing for effective deep cleaning at a height, and within large spaces. High-level cleaning works to ensure large buildings and hard-to-reach areas are brought into line with a variety of health and safety and environmental health regulations.

Fully Tailored Service

As long-established industry experts, the Ingot Services team understand that scheduling high-level cleaning around building use can prove challenging for all sectors. That’s why we’ve worked to develop a highly flexible high-level cleaning format, available on both a one-off, and regular service, and on a 24-hour basis, causing minimal disruption.

Regular High Level Cleaning

Regular High-Level Cleaning

Our regular high-level cleaning service is highly suited to spaces or systems subject to frequent use. This service ensures all elevated surfaces are thoroughly cleared of all dust and dirt build-ups, helping ensure the maintenance of a safe, hygienic environment.

Ingot Services’ qualified experts are happy to assist in establishing a suitable high-level cleaning frequency for your building or business via consultation call.

One Off High Level Cleaning

One-Off High-Level Cleaning

Whilst regular high-level cleaning offers a convenient way to stay on top of both cleaning and regulation, one-off cleans can be arranged at any time, and may be especially appropriate for buildings re-opening after periods of disuse.

High-Level Areas Covered

  • Tops of pipework and ventilation shafts
  • ‘Tracks’, suspended from the ceiling, containing electrical and/or other cabling
  • Tops of light fittings and chandeliers
  • Tops of ceiling beams or other building infrastructure
  • Guttering

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Ingot's Gold Standard Service Process

Step 1


During a consultation call, our specialists will work to determine your exact requirements – for example, the size and positioning of ductwork requiring cleaning. We use this information to create a quote, which will be provided over the phone and sent via email following our conversation. In more unusual cases, we will provide a no-obligation site visit.

Step 2


Ingot Services aim to commence work within two weeks of receiving instruction. Often working outside of working hours, or at night to best suit client requirements, our team will tailor our services to your precise needs, conducting commercial deep cleaning to a national standard.

Step 3

Certification and Paperwork

As much of our work completed with the intent of ensuring buildings and businesses meet stringent health and safety, environmental health, hygiene, and fire safety regulations, Ingot Services include post-cleaning paperwork and certification in all service pricing, formatted to meet all insurance and regulatory requirements.

Additional Commercial Cleaning Services

Ingot Services are proud to offer a wide range of commercial kitchen cleaning services, completed to the highest standard by expert technicians holding BESA, CHAS, and HVAC certifications.

COVID 19 Disinfection Cleaning

Disinfection Cleaning

Ingot are proud to offer a range of highly adaptable COVID-19 decontamination and cleaning services, highly suited to a number of commercial and public operations, including medical facilities, office buildings, and pharmaceutical spaces. Completed by accredited decontamination technicians, this tailored service can include the chemical treatment of HVAC systems, fogging, surface wipe-downs, and more.

High-Level Cleaning FAQs

What is high level cleaning?

High-level cleaning typically does at its name suggests. Performed by accredited specialists using purpose-built equipment such as scissor lifts and booms, high-level cleaning works to ensure large buildings and hard-to-reach areas are brought into line with a variety of health and safety and environmental health regulations. Commonly used to ensure the cleanliness of warehouses and factories, high-level cleaning can be used to remove potentially harmful dirt and dust from the tops of pipes and ducting, high shelves, guttering, and more.

What does high level cleaning cover?

High-level cleaning, when conducted by accredited professionals, is an excellent way to stay on top of cleaning for out-of-reach areas. Particularly beneficial to large commercial spaces such as warehouses and factories, this specialist service helps remove dirt, dust, and contaminants from;

- Tops of pipework and ventilation shafts

- ‘Tracks’, suspended from the ceiling, containing electrical and/or other cabling

- Tops of light fittings and chandeliers

- Tops of ceiling beams or other building infrastructure

- Guttering

How much does high level cleaning cost?

The cost of high-level cleaning can vary in accordance with a number of factors, including the areas requiring cleaning, the accessibility to the cleaning site, whether your cleaning service is offered on a contractual or one-off basis, and your selected provider. The vast majority of service providers will charge within a set price range according to individual circumstance.

Ingot services are proud to offer our clients a free, no-obligation consultation, during which we’ll evaluate your oven cleaning requirements, and establish a price, which can be later sent over email.

How do I keep a warehouse clean?

Though warehouses experience significant benefits from the implementation of a regular cleaning routine covering all commonly used areas, equipment, and surfaces, it is important to consider the commonly looked sites open to gathering potentially harmful dust and dirt - putting both employees and product at risk.

Ingot Services believe the best way in which to keep a warehouse completely clean is to create a comprehensive, regular cleaning plan - allowing regular daily cleaning and specialist services such as high-level and ventilation cleaning to work hand in hand.

How can I clean out of reach areas safely?

Cleaning out of reach areas can prove difficult in a commercial environment. With many complex elements of ductwork, shelving, and tracks placed at potentially dangerous heights, it is essential that cleaning is conducted by qualified specialists using purpose-built equipment to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

Ingot's high-level cleaning service works to ensure all cleaning is conducted in the safest manner possible, adhering to all industry, and health and safety regulation. Performed by trained technicians with the aid of specialised equipment such as harnesses, scissor lifts, and booms, this service delivers an optimal finish in a safe, efficient manner.

What is MEWP?

MEWPs (also known as mobile elevated working platforms) are an essential element in ensuring that high-level cleaning is conducted in a safe, and effective manner. Available in both a boom (cherry picker) and vertical (scissor lift) format, MEWPs allow operatives to reach otherwise inaccessible areas throughout a number of commercial spaces.

As MEWPs are considered relatively complex and potentially dangerous machinery if operated incorrectly, it is essential that all users are fully MEWP qualified.

what is an IPAF licence?

IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) offers trained professionals a number of licences, cards, and certification, including PAL cards, IPAF cards, and IPAF licences as proof of their correct training and usage of powered access equipment. In the case of high-level cleaning, this equipment includes booms and scissor lifts.

Each of Ingot Services' high-level cleaning technicians holds an IPAF licence, ensuring our consistent delivery of safe cleaning to all high-level clients.

How long does high level cleaning take?

The amount of time taken to complete a high level clean can depend on a number of factors, including the amount of cleaning required to bring the space in line with environmental health regulations, the elements of the space requiring high-level cleaning, and the provider selected to perform the service. Though any amount of time may seem too long for cleaning to disrupt regular work, Ingot Services are proud to offer high-level cleaning on a 24-hour basis, minimising the impact of any task undertaken.

How do you clean commercial gutters?

Reaching commercial guttering, especially those located in hard-to-reach areas on larger and taller buildings could prove a dangerous task for those untrained in specialist cleaning, and without access to particular equipment. In order to stay in line with health and safety regulations, it is highly recommended that businesses and organisations bring on board high-level cleaning teams to perform any complex cleaning, which may be considered dangerous as a result of height or location.

Ingot Services are proud to offer a fully accredited high-level cleaning service, conducted by qualified professionals with the assistance of specialist equipment such as scissor lifts, booms, and harnesses.

How do you clean warehouse racking?

Though lower-level warehouse racking may be relatively simple to wipe down when empty, cleaning high-level racking and shelving may prove a complex and dangerous task for untrained 'cleaners'.

The most effective way to stay on top of cleaning hard-to-reach areas within large spaces such as warehouses is undoubtedly high-level cleaning. Conducted by accredited experts in a tailored manner using specialist equipment such as harnesses, scissor lifts, and booms, high-level cleaning works to remove all dust, contaminants, and dirt from otherwise inaccessible or overlooked spaces.

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